Sunday, 13 November 2011

Manly Mini Scarf

For that man who doesn't want a special hand knitted scarf....
My partner wears a scrappy little thing for work and always gets very very cold outside in thermals and umpteen jumpers. Decided it was time he had something to keep the neck properly warm but still retain his manliness. Its a manly version of a cowl, the ribbing providing practical heat retention and the shortness meaning no long flimsy ends to have to tuck in anywhere.  None of the ribbed scarf patterns I found offered stripe options and so decided to tackle it the other way round and do horizontal rather than vertical. I wanted to make the hole without interrupting the colour trail of the wool (vertical ribbed scarves make you leave half the stitches on a neelde and do the other half before returning back and then joining - this would be havock with self striping/varigated yarn). So my horizontal option lets you make the hole via cast on/of without interrupting the colour flow and keeping it all as one part.

Two main stitches used here; stocking (knit right side, purl wrong side) and reverse stocking (purl right side, knit wrong side) in quartuplets of rows, to give a mock ribbing effect equivalent to K4, P4, but it ends up looking softer as the purl takes dominance instead. [right side are odd rows, wrong side are even rows]

Using DK and 4mm needles (I advise using circular to fit stitches on)...

Cast on 105 in blue
rows 1-4 - stocking
rows 5-8 - reverse stocking
rows 9-12 - stocking
rows 13-16 - reverse stocking
change to grey
rows 17-20 - stocking
rows 21-24 - reverse stocking
rows 25-28 - stocking
rows 29-32 - reverse stocking
change to blue
rows 33-36 - stocking
rows 37-39 - reverse stocking
row 40 - cast off 15 stitches, knit 90
row 41 - knit 90, turn needles and cast on 15 stitches
rows 42-44 - stocking
rows 45-48 - reverse stocking
change to grey
rows 49-52 - stocking
rows 53-56 - reverse stocking
rows 57-60 - stocking
rows 61-64 - reverse stocking
change to blue
rows 64-68 - stocking
rows 69-72 - reverse stocking
rows 73-76 - stocking
rows 77-80 - reverse stocking and cast off

In grey pick up 22 stitches along right hand edge (the bit that splits into two sections)... 2 stitches from each wrong side 'rib', and one at the end of the each section (which will be from right side 'rib').
rows 81-84 - stocking
rows 85-88 - reverse stocking
rows 89-92 - stocking
rows 93-96 - reverse stocking
change to blue
rows 97-100 - stocking
rows 101-104 - reverse stocking
rows 105-108 - stocking
rows 109-112 - reverse stocking and cast off

In grey pick up 22 stitches along left hand edge... 2 stitches from each right side rib plus the first and last stitch.  Follow rows 81-104.

Patterns I love that helped give me some inspiration to put this pattern together include:

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