Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ivy Leaf Cord

A quick little number either to make bottle dressings like the leaf or lavender ones, or for more adventurous Christmas wreath like decorations.

Using any wool and the thinnest double pointed needles you can muster without snapping! (don't forget the K2TOG tug tight)
I used DK and 2.25mm....

Cast on 23 stitches
row 1 - K2, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K5, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K5, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K2
row 2 - purl whole row
row 3 - K1, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K3, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K3, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K1
row 4 - purl 8, turn leaving remaining 3 stitches on needle
row 5 - K1, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K1, turn leaving remaining 3 stitches on needle
row 6 - purl 6 to end
row 7 - K1, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K1, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K1
row 8 - purl
row 9 - K1, sl1 K2TOG PSSO, K1

Now you can use these 3 stitches to i-cord, sliding along to end of needle, knit, pulling thread tight across the back, sliding across to the end of the needle again, and pulling tight.

This is the point where I say.... if you are thinking of making a wreath or a string of ivy... I advise having 3 double pointed needles, and using the wool from both ends of the ball.

Leaving the ivy leaf and 11 stitches of i-cord on needle 1, start a new ivy leaf from the other end of the ball of wool using needles 2 and 3, after 7 stitches of i-cord K2TOG leaving 2 stitches and cut yarn removing from ball. Hold needle 2 in front of needle 1 and knit the stitches together using active yarn from first leaf (like a double bind off), the stitches 1 and 2 of the needle 2 leaf with first 2 stitches of needle 1 leaf then the one remaining of needle 1 leaf and continue i-cording as normal.

Add in more ivy leaves as above, knit the 2 stitches first to put the leaf on right, or knit 1 of needle 1 and then the 2 stitches to put the leaf on left.

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