Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lavender cord and bottle topper

Following on from the mint leaf cord and bottle topper to top off my mint vodka, a complimentary lavender option seemed appropriate.  Again, no seams, all in one piece.  I don't expect everyone is out brewing lavender vodka but it could also be used for bathroom related products!

Unlike the leaf, it is all done in an i-cord style - sliding the stitches to the other end of a double pointed needle which in effect makes it knitting in the round.

So, first for the cord...
Using two 2.75mm double pointed needles and DK yarn...

Cast on 3
row 1 - knit
row 2 - K1, [YO,YO, K1]
row 3 - KFB [YO, YO, KFB]
row 4 - K1 [YO, YO, K1]
row 5 - K2TOG (remembering to drop the YOs)
row 6 - knit

Give what you have knitted so far a light tug and it will expand the YOs and look a bit lacey and a bit loopy (don't pull too hard and loose the loops totally!).

Continue to knit i-cord, once i-cord is long enough to wrap round bottle in a loose 'tear drop' shape, then K1, pick up a top stitch from row 5 of the i-cord and K2TOG (middle stitch plus stitch you picked up) and K1. Do 8 more rows of i-cord. Now time to do the final blossom. *

row 7 - KFB [YO, YO, KFB]
row 8 - K1 [YO, YO, K1]
row 9 - K2TOG (remembering to drop row 8's YOs) [YO, YO, K2TOG]
row 10 - K1 [YO, YO, K1]
row 11 - knit
thread remaining yarn through last 3 stitches.

Weave in both ends up the centre of the blossom being careful not to pull too tight and flatten the pointed ends, and pull into the centre of the i-cord through to the middle of the loop.

And for the lavender topper

Using four 2.75mm double pointed needles and DK yarn...

Cast on 24 stitches, 8 per needle
rounds 1 - 7 [K2 P2] rib
round 8 - knit
round 9 - [K1, K2TOG] (you will have to slip stitches from one needle to the next to allow the K2TOG)
round 10 - knit
round 11 - K1, K2TOG
round 12 - K2TOG until last stitch
round 13 - K2TOG
Place remaining 3 stitches on one needle and do 11 rows of i-cord. Then follow blossom pattern rows 7 - 11.

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