Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Waffled Wheat Cushion

To sooth away those winter aches and pains why not make your own wheat cushion so you know what natural goodness is in it.  Using a very sim[ple six row repeat waffle stitch to give texture and warmth.  A perfect present for the festive period.

Using 125g of 12ply wool* (I used Twilleys freedom spirit) and 4mm needles...

Cast on 40
K2 P2 rib for 6 rows
row 7 - purl
row 8 - knit
rows 9 and 11 - K3 P2 to end
rows 10 and 12 - K2 P3 to end

rows 13-78 repeat rows 7-12 eleven times

switch to stockinette for 15 inches

rows 79 and 81 - K3 P2 to end
rows 80 and 82 - K2, P3 to end
row 83 - purl
row 84 - knit
repeat six more times

rows 120-121 - K2 P2 rib twice
row 122 - K2 P2 three times, YO K2TOG, P2 K2 three times, YO P2TOG, K2 P2 three times.
row 123-124 - K2 P2 rib twice
row 125 - K2 P2 while casting off in rib pattern.

Matress stitch the waffle to the stockinette on each side to create the little envelope.  Position the buttons on the first ribbing, using the holes on the second ribbing to line up and sew on.

Sew up two cloth rectangles of 100% cotton* about 15 inches x 5 inches and turn inside out (with as small a gap as you can sanely manage) to make the cushion liner.  It may be best to wait until you have completed the knitting and measure direct if your guage is often a bit squiffy.  Using a funnel pour in about 1250g of buckwheat and pearl barley, you could also add lavender.  Hand sew the gap tightly and your cushion is ready to be put in its knitted case.

Now, simply pop him in the microwave for 1 minute.  Some advise also putting in a glass of water at the same time to stop the wheat drying out too much.  Drape over your aches and pains and warm them away.

* 100% wool or 100% cotton will be fine in your microwave.  Anything acryllic will melt and leave you with a big big mess.  Please choose your materials carefully.  Also consider buttons - don't go for metal ones!

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