Friday, 17 June 2011

Rabbit in the Moonlight Smartphone Case

Called rabbit in the moonlight because the rabbit doesn't stand out as well as I hoped - it's more a mirage of a rabbit (hard to capture on camera). But all the same, I still like the ribbed look. It's based on my Little Owls Smartphone Case using cabling and french knots within a rib repeat.

Using DK wool and 3.5mm needles...

Cast on 32
row 1 - K2, [P4, K4] rep to last two stitches, K2
row 2 - P2, [K4, P4] rep to last two stitches, P2
unless stated, repeat rows 1 on right side & 2 on wrong side

row 5 - K2, P4, c2b, c2f, P4, K4, P4, c2b, c2f, P4, K2
row 8 - P2, K4, c2b(p), c2f(p), K4, P4, K4, c2b(p), c2f(p), K4, P2
row 11 - K2, P4, c2f, c2b, P4, K4, P4, c2f, c2b, P4, K2
row 12 - P2, K4, sl1, K2, sl1, K4, P4, K4, sl1, K2, sl1, K4, P2
row 13 - K2, P4, K1, P2, K1, P4, K4, P4, K1, P2, K1, P4, K2
row 14 - repeat row 12
row 31 - K1, [YO, K2TOG] to end
row 38 - cast off following rib pattern

Sew french knots for tail on the 2 rabbits, and then mattress stitch a seam down the side and along bottom using long cast off end.

The idea is to be a snug fit, my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) is 11cm x 5cm x 1cm. The ribs are a size to fit a 'chunky' phone (i.e. iPhone 4 square edge rather than 3 curved taper) and nicely edge it, but I'm sure would also fit more slimline models too. Let me know how it looks and fits for other models.

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