Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bobble Lace Scarf

Ok, so this isn't a new pattern, it's one I did nearly a year ago, but still worth putting up here whilst I refine my new pattern with the remaining ball of pompom yarn!

I used Rico Design Pompon Print yarn and rather than doing the plain looking chunky scarf advertised in the design on its label I wanted one of those whispy evening scarves I'd seen. So ignore the K2 between each bobble written on its label to keep it whispy. To cast on, simply loop the thread between the bobbles and twist before putting on the needle. In three simple rows you have knitted your scarf.

Using 8mm needles (circular helpful due to knitting scarf length wise) and pompom yarn...

Cast on 85 (this counts as a row)
Knit one row
Knit with 3 bobbles between each stitch
Instead of doing a knit cast off for the final row (you don't want another chunky row) slip each stitch but then cast off. (so, slip stitch, slip stitch, pass first stitch over second, slip and so on...)

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